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Working with a good recruiter should result in hiring the best person for your position, not the “best person looking” for a new position.  More often than not the best candidates in the industry are gainfully employed, highly regarded by their current employers and not actively looking for a new position.  Therefore these candidates are not likely to know that your job opportunity even exists, even if it is a better opportunity for them.  When people are not looking for a position they do not spend much time, if any, reading the want ads or surfing the Internet for open jobs.  These candidates have to be approached and sought out by a good recruiter and convinced to look at your opportunity.  After all, who wouldn’t be convinced to leave for a better opportunity?  This is where Salem Solutions, LLC can benefit you, the employer.

We have a proven track record and because we specialize exclusively in Medical, Dental, and Traditional Business settings, we have relationships with top talent and up-and-coming talent in the industry and can quickly and effectively locate qualified candidates for your critical job openings.  We offer several options, including retained search, contingency search, and a hybrid plan.  Our mission is to help companies acquire top talent, which helps them increase their bottom line on a global basis while helping them attain career-enhancing opportunities that allow them to achieve the quality of life they seek.  Our passion is to solve problems and to help others succeed.  We are experts in the search process because that is what we do on a daily basis, and we are good at it.  Employers should spend their time on what they do best, which is running and managing their business.  Leave the recruiting to professionals who are experts in the search process.  If you needed a new roof on your home, would you attempt to do it yourself, or would you hire an expert roofing company to do it for you?  It’s the same with regards to recruiting.  Should you attempt to do it yourself, or leave it to the professionals?  We think you should leave it in the hands of professionals who will do all of the leg work for you, freeing up your time to do what you do best!

Why should you use a recruiter?
Your company should use a recruiter because the best people aren’t looking for a job – they are already working.  These are the proven performers who are in the top five or ten percent of their profession.  They don’t typically read the “help-wanted” ads, they don’t keep their resumes circulating, and they don’t visit the employment agencies.  If you want to hire these people, you have to find them, because they aren’t searching for you.  Identifying and approaching these hidden prospects is not an easy task, but that’s what trained recruiters do every day.  Also, a trained recruiter can help you avoid mistakes in the hiring process by providing an objective analysis of a candidate and can save you time by screening candidates against your requirements.  Finally, a recruiter can preserve your anonymity when it is critical to do so.

When does it make sense to use a recruiter?
Using a recruiter is crucial when the position you need to fill is important to your company.  A recruiter specializes in finding serious career-minded people, the kind of achievers who aren’t interested in limited or dead-end positions.  If the position is relatively unimportant to your company’s future, don’t use a recruiter.  Instead, use an employment agency or place your own help-wanted ads.

How is a recruiter different from an employment agency?
The biggest difference is that recruiters work for you.  Also, most recruiters specialize in finding people for technical or middle-to-upper management positions.

How is a recruiter different from a temporary agency?
A recruiter typically searches for a long-term, permanent solution to your needs, instead of ‘just anyone’ to fill the position.  At Salem Solutions, LLC, we do provide Fill-In and Contract employees as requested, but we put the same level of dedication into finding the perfect fit for your Fill-In job as we do in filling a Permanent position.  We search for the perfect candidate based on your specific needs, not just on the fact that they are ‘there and available’.
How much does it cost to use a recruiter?
Most recruiting is performed on a contingency basis, meaning if the recruiter doesn’t complete the assignment, you don’t pay.  Salem Solutions, LLC searches on a retained and contingency basis and we have a third option – the hybrid, which is a hybrid of a retained and contingency search which is popular with some of our clients.

Is it important for recruiters to have experience in your industry?
It is important that recruiters have experience in your industry because they will improve your chance of getting good people with the specific experience you need.  They understand the candidates’ language, they’ll understand their accomplishments, they’ll see through their exaggerations, and they will make a better impression on your behalf.  Experience within a particular industry also allows recruiters to save time.  They more readily understand your job description and what is important to your situation.  They will also have a better knowledge of where to start looking or where notto look for qualified candidates.

Should you use more than one recruiter on an assignment?
Generally, it is almost always best to establish a good relationship with your recruiter and use them exclusively on assignments.  There are risks associated with using multiple recruiters to fill the same position.  Multiple recruiters will eventually cross paths in the search for candidates.  When prospective candidates hear about the same job from several recruiters, your company may develop a reputation as a “revolving door”, where turnover is a problem.  Your company may become known as one that raids other companies for their personnel.  Another risk is that you might scare away candidates.  The best people are conscientious and don’t want to take time off to interview for a job that apparently is being offered to many of their peers.

How important is an ongoing relationship with a recruiter?
An ongoing relationship with your recruiter is just as important as having a good relationship with your attorney, banker, or insurance agent.  Good recruiters are particularly valuable if you have frequent hiring needs.  If the recruiter is already familiar with your company, they should be able to respond much more quickly to your needs.  Good recruiters keep up with industry trends, employee benefits, compensation and personnel planning.  Recruiters are more likely to give their best clients the best service, even on smaller assignments.

How can you judge a recruiter’s performance?
There are certain indicators that will help you determine whether the recruiter is doing a good job.  First, look at who’s actually working on the assignment. Are they professional in their day-to-day contact with you?  Second, look at the candidates who have been presented to you.  Do they meet your criteria for experience and skills?  Are they prepared for the interview?

Why should you consider Salem Solutions, LLC?  You should consider Salem Solutions, LLC for many reasons.  First, we have high standards for performance.  We are results-oriented, hard-working professionals who only recommend the best qualified candidates to our clients.  Secondly, we are a well-established search firm with more than two decades of experience and a proven track record of success in completing hundreds of assignments within Medical, Dental, and Standard Business settings.  We take the search and recruiting business, the future of our company, and the future of our client’s success very seriously.  Our ongoing planning keeps us focused on our primary goal.


* Our recruiter coordinates the job description with the client company’s hiring manager.

* We interview the hiring manager for clarification of their needs.

* We research to locate the logical talent pool for the position, check our existing databases for leads, and source to narrow our research results.

* It’s time to recruit!

* We pre-screen candidates via an initial telephone interview to see if they meet the necessary job requirements.

* We sift the top candidates from the wishful thinkers, the window shoppers, the tire kickers, and the under-qualified.

* Next, we perform in-depth interviews with the potential finalists.

* We coordinate an interview schedule with the client company and the finalists.

* We prepare and counsel nominees for their interviews with the client company by spelling out the company’s needs, culture, organizational fit, hiring authority, personality, etc.

* After the top candidates interview with the client company, we debrief them, answering their questions, etc.

* After the interview, we discuss with the client’s hiring manager each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, incompatibilities, etc.

* We coordinate with the hiring manager on possible offers to be made and set the stage for acceptance by the chosen candidate.

* We participate with the company in providing necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer.