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Salem Staffing, Medical & Dental Placement

Welcome to Salem Solutions, LLC! We offer a diverse array of services to meet the needs of your Company. Within this outline, you'll find an overview of the services that we provide.

Each Company has unique needs. At Salem Solutions, LLC., we carefully customize our services to fit your exact desires. Before we send a Candidate to see you, we thoroughly interview them in depth to provide you with the best qualified Candidates. We also test for such things as typing speed and accuracy, computer skills and proficiency in many different software packages, administrative, secretarial positions, general office, bookkeeping, manual dexterity, etc. We take care of all the reference checks, verify all background information, perform criminal checks and drug screenings prior to referring the Candidates to your Organization. Thank you for your interest in Salem Solutions, LLC. We have a Staffing Solution awaiting your Company!



Our well-informed professionals provide an array of services. Salem's Staff is dedicated and committed to making "Your Business a Part of Our Business." We seek the challenge to plan and execute any Staffing needs that might arise. As your Partner, we set an effective plan that is uniquely organized to fit your exact request and budgeted cost without sacrificing the quality of the Candidate(s) being provided.

Listed below are standard positions. But, we can accommodate any request made at any level of position or skill.

• Billing & Insurance Specialists
• Certified Medical Assistants
• Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (Permanent Only)
• Certified Nurse Assistants I & II
• Licensed Practical Nurses
• Nurse Practitioners (Permanent Only)
• Office Support and Management
• Pharmacists (Permanent Only)
• Pharmacy Techs
• Phlebotomists
• Physician Assistants (Permanent Only)

• Physicians (Permanent Only)
• Radiologic Technologists (Permanent Only)
• Registered Nurses

• Dental Assistants (I, II, CDAs)
• Dentists (Permanent Only)
• Hygienists
• Office Support and Management

• Customer Service Representatives
• Data Entry Clerks
• File Clerks
• Mail Clerks
• Receptionist

• Administrative Assistants (Traditional & Executive)
• Transcribers
• Word Processors

• Assistants
• Paralegals
• Secretaries

• Accountants/CPA's (Permanent Only)
• Billing
• Bookkeepers
• Clerks
• Controllers
• Payroll

• Human Resources
• Sales & Marketing


Traditional Temporary/Fill-In Personnel Staffing...
Temporary Staffing Services are actually employers who lend their Staff to other employers. The charge for this service is based on the number of hours the Field Staff employee works for an agreed hourly rate. The hourly rate paid exceeds the rate paid to the person by the amount which allows Salem Solutions, LLC to assume payroll taxes, insurance costs, administrative overhead, general expenses, etc.

Temporary To Direct Hire Placement...
As a flexible, creative and competitive service, we have designed a program that will go beyond the traditional staffing needs of our Clients. This program benefits both our Clients and our Field Staff employees who seek Permanent status. Salem Solutions, LLC will supply a qualified Candidate who is seeking possible Permanent employment. You will have the opportunity to utilize this Candidate for a period of twelve (12) weeks completing four hundred eighty (480) hours as a Salem Solutions, LLC employee. After that time period, he or she is released for full-time employment at no additional cost or placement fee. However, if you choose to hire our employee in less than twelve (12) weeks or before four hundred eighty (480) hours has been completed, a liquidation charge will be calculated (giving you credit for the time already accrued) and you will receive a bill showing the number of hours remaining to complete the agreement, percentage of the buy-out and total remaining cost.

Permanent Placement...
As Unemployment continues to increase and as the Candidate pool increases, we at Salem Solutions, LLC assist in searching for the right Candidate(s). Salem Solutions, LLC offers a variety of services that include Traditional Placement and the option of a contingency search or a retained search based on the Business needs of your Company. With our national network system and our in-house database of Applicant files, we can secure Candidates to fill the Personnel needs within any type of position or anywhere within the United States.

Contingency Placement...
Contingency Placement or Search means simply that the service receives payment if, and only if, the employer hires the Candidate referred to the employer by the service. Applicants and Clients have the freedom and option of hiring an Agent to represent them in their search. In other words, we are not paid a fee for the time and money expended in unsuccessful attempts to find a job for a Candidate or a suitable employee for our Client.

Contracting Services...
Contractors are similar to Temporary Staff within the area of business involving lending our employees to our Clients for a period of time, sometimes pre-determined...often on an open-ended basis. A Contract Field Staff employee is qualified in high tech or highly skilled areas such as Data Processing, Design, Accounting, Executive Management, etc. Just like a Temporary Field Staff employee, a Contractor is assigned to our Client who is billed at a rate higher than what the employee is paid to absorb the costs of recruiting, qualifying and covering the overhead cost associated with maintaining the Contract Field Staff employee.

Referral Service...
Salem Solutions, LLC offers a direct referral service for Candidates available to fulfill your needs. This method is to be used for Permanent positions only. Cost for these services will include recruitment cost only. This option includes direct recruitment for the needed Candidate and initial interview by a Recruiter from the Salem Staff. These services do not include background checks or verifications, etc. just a flat fee for finding the potential Employee.

Thank you for your consideration. Please call us at 336-765-0061 (for Standard Business needs) or 336-774-3029 (for Medical or Dental Practice needs) with any questions...We are ready to take care of you and your Business!