Our organization is in need of a Permanent Personnel Clerk to work directly with our .  employees.  Must be available to work Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm with a flexible lunch schedule.

Position will require the following:

·         Answer calls from candidates, clients and take work orders

·         Review incoming resumes and applications, completing references and background checks

·         Maintain daily/weekly schedules for Medical and Dental Personnel

·         Maintain an employee database system and know availability for each person

·         Ability to handle issues as they arise and not requiring their hand be held

·         Must be a real go-getter, career focused looking for potential growth for the future

·         Prior office experience a plus, but we encourage new graduates to apply


If you are able to meet all requirements for the available position, please email a copy of your resume, and a cover letter to Please make sure your file in is a .doc (Microsoft Office), or .pdf format to be considered. You can also fax your documents to 336-765-0062.


More details for your application:

- Make sure your documents are up to date.

- Include your address, phone number and email.

- For cover letter: include availability (full time, part time, etc).

- For cover letter: explain why you are a strong candidate for the position.

- For cover letter: add other pertinent information (preferred wage range, ability to move, etc).

- For cover letter: If you are currently employed and seeking other job, please make a brief explanation of the situation.

- If applying to different jobs, just list all the positions in the cover letter and attach a single copy of your resume.


Once your resume has been received, it will be reviewed by a recruiter to determine if you meet the requirements for the position in which you are interested. If selected, a recruiter will contact you for either a phone interview or to schedule an in-office interview.


Please note that due to the heavy volume of incoming submissions, it is not possible for recruiters to contact everyone that makes a submission. Only those who meet the specific requirements for the position will be contacted.