Medical Practice located in Davidson County is seeking a strong Office Lead to join their Family Practice. This position requires coverage Monday through Thursday 7:45am until 6:00pm.
This position will require direct assistance to the Office Administrator. You will oversee the Front Office as well as the Clinic. Handling all personnel issues including new hires, scheduling, payroll, training, etc. Will also assist with reviewing and/or writing company policies as directed. Must have prior experience in front office operations including records, insurance and referrals with the ability to handle clinic issues with the staff. Must have outstanding communication skills, take charge, dedicated and dependable.


If you are able to meet all requirements for the available position, please email a copy of your resume, and a cover letter to salemconsult2006@gmail.com. Please make sure your file in is a .doc (Microsoft Office), or .pdf format to be considered. You can also fax your documents to 336-765-0062.


More details for your application:

- Make sure your documents are up to date.

- Include your address, phone number and email.

- For cover letter: include availability (full time, part time, etc).

- For cover letter: explain why you are a strong candidate for the position.

- For cover letter: add other pertinent information (preferred wage range, ability to move, etc).

- For cover letter: If you are currently employed and seeking other job, please make a brief explanation of the situation.

- If applying to different jobs, just list all the positions in the cover letter and attach a single copy of your resume.


Once your resume has been received, it will be reviewed by a recruiter to determine if you meet the requirements for the position in which you are interested. If selected, a recruiter will contact you for either a phone interview or to schedule an in-office interview.


Please note that due to the heavy volume of incoming submissions, it is not possible for recruiters to contact everyone that makes a submission. Only those who meet the specific requirements for the position will be contacted.