At one point or another someone here at Salem Solutions has faced the same situation that you are now in. Whether you are requiring a change, a more challenging position, recently laid off, relocation, or just simply to improve your income by changing/enhancing your career. We at Salem incorporate a broad range of Personnel Solutions. With the combined efforts and over Fifty years of combined experience, our trained and certified Staff work to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs. We offer positions in many different areas and will work hard to discover your talents and match you with the most "perfect" position.


Below is an outline of areas we can offer when working as a Field Staff Employee:


    • A caring team: friendly work environment with a staff you can trust and depend on

    • Increased marketability
    • Career building
    • Resume enhancements
    • Training/skills assessment
    • Interview preparation tips
    • Newsletter articles providing the latest trends
    • Consulting on overall professional attire, etiquette, mannerisms, and ethics